Looking West

People talk often of the Sunrise.

Of the excitement of the colors
The reds,

Shouting, Spinning, Twisting.

Life is exciting enough.
I don’t need sunrise.

I sit at the window
And wait.

Pressing my fingers against
The cold
Dark night.

It’s shy at first
Peeking it’s head around
The curtain of dark.

It’s not the sun.
It’s the blue.

The blue that goes on forever,
The blue that breaks hearts
And puzzles intellectuals.
The blue that fills you with so much
Pain and happiness.

I sit alone,
Breathing in blue.

While everyone else
Looks east.

Sofiy Inck has been a Nerdfighter since 2009. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family. She enjoys playing the piano, writing, and decreasing worldsuck.