It is our turn now, to make this change

We stand by each other

No one goes ahead, nor behind

We are all equals, united, and bound so tight

We hold hands, and step forward

Invincible, victorious, and confident we sing the prayer

Every note so right, and so precise

Every hum, exact, as we chant the words with each other

We are amalgamated

Not one soul can break us apart

Together we can do anything,

Push away the things that fly in front of us,

Or swim up from the things that pull us down

We unify each other, all different, yet all the same

And so, we take the last step

Up towards where life has truly begun

We made it

We stood by each other,

Every step of the way, through thick and through thin

We did it…together

I am a 14-year-old girl form San Ramon, California. I love soccer, spending time with family and friends, writing, and am a huge cinematic fan. Someday I hope to touch millions of people with my writing, and pursue it as my profession.