Connection and IsolationPoetry
Artwork by: Fatima Imran

Photograph by Fatima Imran

Trapped inside the bubble of my own mind,
I start to feel the cold embrace of loneliness.
It shivers its claws inside my bones and
Whispers its lies of nothingness.

The golden flames of your kind words;
Your presence warming my frail heart —
They break the ice inside my soul
And spread their wings down to my core.

The song of misery has left me dry,
As I watch a symphony of teardrops
Rain down from my crystal eyes —
The tempo slowing to an adagio —
On my pale and ashen visage.

Your laughter builds into a crescendo,
Spewing fire inside my veins.
I hear my own voice bellow out
In tiny, little soft coats of gray —
Soon joining in your harmony.

The blue of sadness surrounds my head,
And overshadows my mind in a haze of dread.
Concocting into a muddy brown,
My brain bleeds black without a sound.

When you appear, your presence shines
Into a kaleidoscopic hue of light.
My shades seem weak against your
Prismic highlights that bring
Healing to my crumbling resolve.

The darkness leaves,
And I now see the
True meaning of
“Forever” in our
Friendship to be.

Keesha Joseph is a junior in high school and hails from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She loves reading and writing both stories and poetry, and considers music her second life. She watches anime whenever she gets the chance, and dreams of traveling to exotic places.

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