Connection and IsolationPoetry

It was an isolating time, everybody felt alone.
No matter who you were, a famous person or unknown.
It takes quite a lot of time to recover when you get sick.
This time you wish you could change the channel with one click.

It was a hard time for all the world.
A lot of people died, the others stayed in bed curled,
But it’s not the end, we’ll come through all of these.
We will solve one more problem and find the right keys.

Maybe in some time we will all forget
That the 2020th year was just a bad thread.
Then this harmless virus will be met with funny jokes,
Which we can make now to present more people’s hopes.

All people will be thankful to doctors who saved their lives,
To parents and children, to husbands and their wives.
For all the patience, smiles and hugs, for being together at all times,
No matter what we’re going through, we feel connected — and that’s true!

Nikita Zinoviev is ai eighth grade at the Logos School in Kiev, Ukraine. He is interested in the IT sphere and enjoys writing code on his computer. He is also interested in playing football, reading science books, playing computer games, and cooking.

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