Connection and IsolationPoetry

Desperately you try
to stay afloat, swallowing
water on your way down.
in your own isolation.

Bright lights burn your eyes,
loud voices singe your ears,
but silence stifles your heart.

Disorientated you stop
in the middle of the path.
Calling for help,
no sound coming out.

You stumble.
Searching for something,
to cling on to.
Finding nothing.

Why is there no one,
to be your someone?

And yet
people continue walking past.
Not because they don’t care,
but because they don't know.

Yet someone must grab on.
Unless you want to be eaten alive . . .
by your own loneliness.

Abigail Webster is a 15 year old student in Melbourne, Australia. From a young age she has been a very outdoorsy person who enjoys being out in nature. In recent years, she has come to enjoy spending my time at home curled up with a good book, drawing, or watching YouTube. She likes to learn about other people and their interests, has many pets, and is interested in working with animals in the future.

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