The Rainbow in Our Hearts

Connection and IsolationPoetry

Artwork by Pahal Bhasin

In times like this,
We symbolize a rainbow,
Holding not each other’s hands but hearts.
Not physically attached yet emotionally connected,
Just like the ends of a rainbow,
Far apart yet close and beautiful.
We are the different colors,
Loving ourselves and embracing each other,
Beautiful alone but perfect together.

When we signify a rainbow,
We signify peace, prosperity, and justice.
Amidst this pandemic,
Peace and justice is all we need.
Let’s not lose hope,
And keep looking for a rainbow,
Around us,
And inside of us.

Pahal Bhasin is a 13-year-old budding poet. She studies in the eighth grade at Excelsior American School in Gurugram, India. She enjoys reading and writing poems, acting, singing, dancing, drawing, photography, and community service, and loves nature. You can learn more about Pahal at

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