A Review of Inception: The Obscurity of Dreaming

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Inception is a sci-fi, action, drama, thriller, suspense, fantasy, and mystery all in one.

It is about a man, Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), who possesses the power to enter other people’s dreams. He and his team are sent on a mission to implant an idea into someone’s mind. This assignment, if it is successful, is known as inception. Their plan is very complicated and many deem it impossible, however Cobb is convinced that inception can in fact be done. Adding to their already complex plan, Cobb has a complicated and difficult past that ends up interfering with their journey. It is revealed that his wife is dead and that she died in a way that directly relates to the task Cobb and his team is trying to perform.

From the beginning an odd change of scenery, plot, and characters grips the audience. Although it is confusing, it is a very interesting and original start and definitely in keeping with the paradoxical and perplexing movie. As the film goes on the audience is brought into the fantastical world that the director, Christopher Nolan, has created. It is a world of dreams and an unrealistic insight into the mind of man.

The idea of dreaming, something that is still questioned and not completely understood by the scientific community today, is made even more complicated and obscure in this movie. As stated in the film and by numerous critics since it came out, the characters are “…in a dream within a dream within another dream.” This is obviously not very easy to understand. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The ambiguity of the film makes the viewer think and prompts he or she to contemplate their own dreams along with the meaning of those in the movie. Many people have said of this movie that it is too ridiculous or overly unrealistic, but that is the world of movies. It allows you to create and experience an amazing universe that may not exist within our world. Not everyone is able to expand their minds far enough to create another world that has not been thought of, and the makers of this movie did an amazing job in producing an extremely original universe.

Throughout the movie there seem to be many open-ended situations that confuse the plot. However, almost every one of the questions are answered, and all in very interesting ways that make the viewer say, “Oh, I get it!” and “Wow, that’s really cool.” There is one question that is never truly answered in the last few seconds of the film. These ending moments make you wonder what was the true reality that Dom Cobb was living in.

This was an overall great film, and although it may not be suitable for younger audiences because of its confusion and light violence, I would definitely recommend it to people 13 and older.

Madison Friedman is a 14-year-old girl who goes to Rye Country Day School. She enjoys writing and playing golf, and plays on the Rye Country Day School varsity golf team.