Beautiful Day

Artwork by: Erick Nava, age 17

I sit on the soft green grass,
and listen to the bugs
and the birds chirp and buzz.
I stare out at the setting sun,
I feel the hot, humid shine on my face.

I listen to kids yell and play,
and wish I was little again,
so I could do the same.

I watch the leaves blow off in the breeze,
and glance out at the colorful horizon,
with the fluffy buttermilk clouds.

I look at the newly cut grass,
run my hand through
the softness of it,
and breathe in the sweet smell of fall.

Jenna Plank is a 13-year-old girl who lives in Rolla, Missouri. Jenna grew up on a farm in Salem, Missouri. Her family raised pigs and rabbits for four years. Jenna plays on a softball team and her position is pitcher and second baseman. She really loves playing volleyball in the fall.