School: it’s not a only a word,
But also a feeling,
Sometimes the feeling of dread,
And sometimes of joy.

Two children have different lives,
Tom who lives in a feeble house,
Zayn who lives in a mansion,
And both feel differently about everything.

As Tom reaches school and looks up to see the fan rotating above him,
He is thrilled to have an opportunity to learn.
He participates and listens to his teacher with full concentration.
Not all his friends in the village won the scholarship,
But he promised them that he would share his learning with them.

Zayn stares at his phone and sits on his seat under the AC,
He scans the timetable searching for the sports lesson,
He chews bubble gum and dreads coming to school,
He secretly peeks at his phone and texts his friend who sits next to him,
He wishes he could bunk class every day.

As the day ends, they still feel the same way about school and education.
And their thoughts impact their lives, their learning.

Pahal Bhasin is an 11-year-old budding poet. She studies in the seventh grade at Excelsior American School in Gurugram, India. Her hobbies include poetry, singing, dancing, drawing, volleyball, fencing, and playing the piano.

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