I feel myself get feelings
In my toes

It’s odd, as if I may be able to move them
But shouldn’t

I feel that same squirm right below my ankles
But this time it’s different, as if these
Feet might have a purpose in life

I feel my ankles get stuffed right through
And I should move everything so I
Should not fall

Soon enough I feel a joint
Grow big that allows me to run or
Walk very fast

I feel so very
Unstuffed as if I have the
Power to live
But different from before

I feel a jolt of red straw blood as I
Get hay stuffed in place of my heart

As I reach my head I feel no new thing
Only the familiar feeling of being

Soon after that I see something new
Which is quite a surprise
For I saw
Nothing before

Soon my vision grows big
I see everything around me except for behind
But oh so suddenly I feel a stick
Up my back and sit there for

Lyla Rae Cheary, 11 years old, currently lives in New York City and attends 6th grade at East Community High. In her free time, Lyla loves to read, write poetry, and to persistently ask her parents to get her a dog.

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