A Million Questions

Fear and AnxietyPoetry
Artwork by: Annalee Whitten, age 14

What are fear and anxiety?
What do they mean in our lives?
Are they a part of our consciousness
Or are they our inner feelings ?

They could just be words
Or the things that keep us up all night.

Why are they there?
What do they do to us?

Can they control us?
Can they drive us mad?

A million thoughts
A million questions

How can you overcome it?
How can you stop it?

You can shout out loud, “I am not afraid”
Or live in fear for the rest of your life

It is your choice
It is up to you what to do

You can face it
Or not do anything about it

I would choose to face it
If I were you

I would shout, "I am not afraid"
I would face it

I would overcome it
How about you?

Ayana Jhala is 10 years old and lives in Ahmedabad, India. She is passionate about reading and enjoys wave boarding and playing football. She aspires to be an author someday.

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