Fear and AnxietyPoetry

The beautiful firework disappears.
As American Child plays faintly in the background
I think about the men and women
who make the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

The carnival rides behind me
aren’t as full as they were
before the fireworks started.
I smell the funnel cake on my mother’s lap.
My brother sits on the warm soft blanket,
spread out on the grass.

Little kids
stare up at the sky in amazement.
The cool wind picks up,
just as the finale show begins.
So many beautiful colors.
Deep reds, bright greens,
ocean blues, calming purples.

As the fireworks end,
I say a quick prayer,
thanking the men and women who fight for our country.

We are blessed.

Kathryn Hirtz is a 12-year-old attending St. Patrick Catholic School in Rolla, Missouri, as a seventh grader. She is a competitive swimmer and runner; enjoys reading, writing, and watching crime, drama, adventure, and action shows; and is learning how to play the flute. She loves roller coasters, Titanic museums, and the beach.