Careless Moments

Fun and CreativityPoetry
Artwork by: Dottie YoungDottie Young

From the late nights
staying up with friends
binge-watching movies
and stealing food.

The late mornings
of undisturbed sleep,
and waking to the warm sunshine
when no one else is around.

Now my nights are spent
stressed with homework
after late practices.
Now my mornings are spent
waking early to finish any assignments
left sprawled on my desk.

I took lots of precious moments for granted,
I’ll try not to grow up so fast next time.

Kathryn Hirtz is a 12-year-old attending St. Patrick Catholic School in Rolla, Missouri, as a seventh grader. She is a competitive swimmer and runner; enjoys reading, writing, and watching crime, drama, adventure, and action shows; and is learning how to play the flute. She loves roller coasters, Titanic museums, and the beach.

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