The Art in Oblivion

Fun and CreativityPoetry
Artwork by: Jasmine Xu

Let art be a weapon for sadness,
Let each color write its own story
May verses and stanzas forever remain the keys of a suitcases where secrets never told
Let the song stir up the lovers as they sip glasses of wine, while joy and love play all around people
How much all art moves -
You will know as soon as true happiness disappears.
You will tear up and say; "For Art really needed to be fought for."

Amra Dardagan is a 17 year old writer on the Bosnia and Herzegovina Editorial Board.

Jasmine Xu is a Year 10 student in Australia who has a broad variety of interests, ranging from the arts, to philosophy, to science and literature. She likes to spend her free time writing, painting, playing piano, and, yes, like most other high school girls, eating junk food and going on social media.

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