Come Back

Life and DeathPoetry

The rain mixes
with the silent tears
streaming down my pale face.

I didn’t want this!”
I sob at

“No,” my voice cracks.
I drop to my knees.
The silent tears become
heartbreaking cries.
“Please,” my voice cracks again.
The lighting strikes,
the thunder rumbles,
but I don’t react.
“I’m not ready.”

I stumble to my feet.
and our identical
ocean blue eyes meet.
“Don’t leave me,” I plead
“don’t die.
You will take
pieces of me with you.”
I’m whispering.
“Please. Don’t go.”
I fall back to my knees.

She walks away.
The ghost of my best friend.

The ghost that will haunt me forever.

Kathryn Hirtz is a 14-year-old attending Saint Patrick Catholic school in Rolla, Missouri, as a ninth grader. She is a competitive swimmer and runner.

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