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Life and DeathPerSpectives

A voice of clarity in difficult times, Lama Surya Das offers timeless wisdom in a message of hope that is helpful for us today and tomorrow.

An authorized lama in the Dzogchen lineage of Tibet, Surya Das is a sought-after spiritual teacher and meditation master, poet and spokesperson for the emerging American Buddhist movement.

Today Lama Surya teaches and lectures around the world, conducting dozens of meditation retreats and workshops each year. Lama Surya’s lecture and retreat schedule can be viewed on his website You can visit his blog at and follow him on Facebook (Lama Surya Das), Twitter (@LamaSuryaDas), and Instagram (lamasuryadasusa). Lama Surya resides in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Come back later this spring to read Lama Surya's PerSpectives article on this issue's theme, Life and Death.

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