Life and DeathPoetry
Artwork by: Fatima Kazim, age 12

Spring is a wonderful time
When the weather is warm and fine.
All the children are waiting for Easter
And families are playing Twister
In their houses full of a spring atmosphere
Parents are making something delicious on the grill.
Oh, an awesome spring sunset.
Mum is baking some homemade bread,
Everyone loves its smell.
And the neighbors are ringing the doorbell.
I love the storm in early May,
Oh, what an amazing day!
Now it is March
The flower gardens are satisfyingly large.
Butterflies flap their colorful wings,
Street musicians are fingering guitar strings.
Spring . . . what a wonderful period of time
And the sun is starting to shine!

Oryna Bielikova is a ninth grader at Kyiv Language School. She lives in a flat with her mum and her favorite dog, Monika. When she has free time, she draws, does sports, reads books, and walks with her friends. She also likes dancing. cooking, taking photos, and singing.

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