Myth and Magic Group Guide

Volume VIII, Number III

Artwork by Fajr Alam

What are the dreams we dream together? In this issue of KidSpirit, our young writers and artists peek into imaginary places and explore fantastical myths and mysterious characters. Join them as they abide the advice of C.S. Lewis (“Courage, dear heart”) and open that mythical door to explore worlds unknown!

1. In her Big Question article, Grace Snarr writes about her lifelong interest in ancient Greek mythology to explore why certain myths hold universal resonance. She retells the dramatic story of Heracles, a Greek god who must choose between instant pleasure or lasting glory, suggesting that the story remains with us because we’re faced with these sorts of choices each day. What stories or myths have stayed with you because of an underlying message or moral? Why do you think that particular lesson resonates with you?

2. Dr. Maria Tatar, Professor of Folklore and Mythology at Harvard University, contributes “A Touch of Magic,” the issue’s PerSpectives column. She writes that “the constant in [fairytales] is less character than abstract concepts, always reshuffled and reinvigorated by the values of the next generation of tellers.” Think about your favorite childhood fairytale. How would you retell the story to reflect our culture and its values?

3. Noorjehan Asim of our Lahore Satellite Editorial Board writes a poignant Interfaith Connections article about her beloved grandmother, a master storyteller. In “Grandmother's Mythic Kingdom,” Noorjehan recalls sitting at the candlelit table while her grandmother spun “tales of magic, mystery, and emotion.” What stories did your relatives tell you? How do these retellings reflect your personal, cultural, or religious heritage? What stories have you heard about your grandparents or other distant relatives? How have they shaped your own life and understanding?

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