Artwork by: Melanie Zavala Mendoza, age 11

Artwork by Melanie Zavala Mendoza, age 11

She walks in valleys of flowers and dreams,
In the avenue of sunshine and flickering beams.
She guides the lost with the sound of the birds,
The howls, the meowls — all in one herd.

She feasts on the happiness of those all around,
Freeing the prisoners of all that they’re bound.
Sprinkling the goodness of life in the air,
She breathes out the wonders that bring up a flare.

She holds on tight to the vast Universe,
Fighting back all of the world’s curse.
Being the mother of all humankind,
She has a loving and caring nature combined.

Keesha Joseph is in the ninth grade at Quisqueya Christian School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She loves reading and writing both stories and poetry, and music is her second life. Keesha also plays volleyball with an amazing team and loves watching anime.

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