Mother Earth

Artwork by: Annalee Whitten

Here lies mother earth
Dead as the flowers that lay beside her grave
She was beaten by her people
Hate as fierce as fire
The new and the fake
Were put before her health, her wellness

Into her ground society was paved
The concrete hatred filling her slowly, creating a path for her destruction
Tearing up her never-ending love for her people
Those that betrayed her and killed her silently with the poisons of humanity

Those that were brave screamed for her
Those that cared prayed for her
None the matter
She collapsed
Bringing down with her a population
While she prayed for salvation

None the matter

If she could send a call to the world of the past
Remember my soft luscious soil
How it gave you life as you were created in my arms
Remember my wind brushing over your face restoring your will to live
Don't hurt me
You will only hurt yourselves

Brooklyn Montgomery is a 12 year old student at Seattle Girls’ School and enjoys singing, dancing and writing. She is proud to have written poems that speak to things that she has long wanted to make people aware about. When she has time to herself, she loves writing songs, as they help her express her emotions and make her feel valuable.

Annalee Whitten is a tenth grader who lives in Kentucky. Annalee enjoys many art mediums and practicing socially conscious art opportunities.

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