Too many noises.
Voices and thoughts crowd my head.
I push them away,
They get louder.

I try everything.
Nothing works.


And watch the inchworm crawl along the bark,
Stubbornly moving ever forward.
Listen to the bird
Singing a quiet melody,
For no one.
I look up and see
Yellow, orange, red
Leaves, never perfect.
Falling, gently.

And the crowded thoughts grow dim,
Tamed by the calm I see.
And I sit there,
And take a breath in the quiet woods.

Mia Ginsberg is in the ninth grade at Yarmouth High in Yarmouth, Maine. She is very excited about being published for the second time! Mia is an avid reader, and enjoys doing Taekwondo and annoying her brother. She also loves to write stories and poems of any kind!

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