The shores of wisdom
touched the seas of power
Oh! What a beautiful sight.

I set sail on my boat;
Humility was its name.
My future I knew was bright.

I learned the art of courage
And with it I fished strength.
Everything I felt was delight.

Years and years I sailed
Day by day I grew.
There was no place for fright.

A big merchant I became
And righteousness was what I sold.
Over the horizon I always saw light.

Every port and harbor welcomed me
Confidence remained my best friend
And I fell in love with all that was right.

But everything changed one day
A storm came and I lost my way
I couldn’t put up a fight.

I found myself on the shores of vanity
From the trees of greed, I made my raft
And there began my plight.

The sea of power gave me a lust for control
I worked hard and I worked long with
Nightmares of a never-ending night.

My fishing net always caught dread
Broken and bruised was I.
With me, there was no might.

Anger I had for breakfast
Contempt I had for lunch
Hatred oozed out of every bite

All my friends forsook me
Grief became my companion.
Oh! Where are the days of peace and quiet?

Melita S. Michael is 15 years old and in the 10th grade at St. Michael’s Academy in Chennai, India. She likes creative writing, loves oratory and singing, and is a voracious reader.

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