The Quiet City


A city once prosperous and peaceful
Its gleaming buildings full of character
And beauty filled the pale blue skies
People filled the streets
Everyone was happy

Before the troubles started
The city was silent
Then when unrest and tensions grew
It was silent no more
People took to the streets
Anarchy took hold of this sovereign city
Clashes with police were common
Great fires filled the air with plumes of smoke
Yelling, screaming, and crying were heard from all directions
The so-called revolutionaries threw anything they could at their oppressors
Mobs of civilians charged their centers
They built catapults with the ruble on the streets
The once-great leader fled the the city
The skies were glowing with the flames of Kiev
The ground was saturated with the blood and tears of civilians

The call for revolution was over
The people took it upon themselves to reinstate
A government that suited them
The sovereign city has fallen silent once more
It has come out of dire times

Ronan Shields is in the eighth grade at Barnstable High School on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He enjoys history, fishing, and nature.

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