Reality and PerceptionPoetry

A carcasustelinum is a leafy sort of plant,
Some portantainum is an element in cooking pans,
Slopa-Koppa-Glippy-Glunk is a type of adhesive,
Did you know there is a bird called the Red-Necked Sketiv?

If those are really words or not
I don’t really care
Because from my mind to my pen they just appeared there.

If you don’t know what a Feather-Faced Gibber Lout
Could possibly be,
Than make it up and say it has 47 legs and lives in the sea.

And if you say for that I am crazy and lost my lid,
You might be right. It’s just what I did.

At the time of writing this poem, Elijah Olson (Eli) lives in Yarmouth, Maine. He is in seventh grade and goes to Frank H. Harrison Middle School. He enjoys reading, participating in school plays, petting his rather large dog, and going outside during rainy, windy, stormy weather.

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