Artwork by: Arina Stetsiuk, age 12

Artwork by Arina Stetsiuk, age 12

If silence had a sound,
I’d say it’d be quite loud —
Like the ringing and the emptiness
of unspoken words of doubt.
It hovers above a restless mind,
and tortures the thoughts that hide.
It thickens the ambient atmosphere,
and causes quite the sigh.
It brings about an awkwardness
that trembles with our fears;
Along with misconceptions
that maybe never disappear.
It warns us of our dying desires,
and cradles all the failures
that circulate the grave of words that
have been left to rot and to expire.
All truths will be revealed
once you are at its mercy.
The key is to surrender,
unless you are unworthy.
This hurricane of nothingness
can deliver justice,
but be wary of the way it plays,
or you’ll fall victim as its prey.
If silence had a sound,
its entitlement would howl
at those who mistake its purpose
for a simple soothing circus.

Keesha Joseph is a junior in high school and hails from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She loves reading and writing both stories and poetry, and considers music her second life. She watches anime whenever she gets the chance, and dreams of traveling to exotic places.

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