Artwork by: Arina Stetsiuk, age 12

We shut our mouths,
In this concrete jungle,
the corners of eaves,
birds at a loss,
Not of the sky, nor the earth.

We keep observing,
the patter of feet,
for generations, inhabiting,
house replaces home,
Without landing, nor flocking.

Five fingers are not enough,
to hide tears,
Fetching a nut, I heard,
"Robber!" — shouts from afar,
I silence my answer, and also my heart.

I kept shouting,
but silence,
it read my mind,
with utmost flapping of my wings,
half aggrieving, half longing.

Yingxin Liang is a 12th grade student from Beijing, China. She enjoys writing novels and singing. She is in the Detective Club and writes detective stories.

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