Mother's Jade Bracelet


月 - Moon

The stern body of the jade bangle
peeks out from underneath my mother’s pillow.
Waves of fortune rise and fall
in syncopation with her snores.

A jewelry piece unlike any other,
she proclaims,
forming beautifully defined cracks
as it keeps evil away.

But in the dark silence of the night,
its piercing pleas,
followed by silent weeps
pervade the hollow walls.

Crying, how much longer
before my shattered rib cage
can no longer hold this flower path
that you blindly trample on?

日- Sun

The sound of laughter is enough.

In the end,
we are no different
from a jade bracelet
cracking to protect others.

Rachel Gai is a junior who lives in Houston, Texas. Besides writing, she loves dancing, photography, art, and learning about filmmaking.

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