Under the Moonlight


Cranberry-stained lips
Let young secrets escape seamlessly
Tulle skirts
Flicker shades of pink and powder blue
Beneath a midnight-drenched bridge
Figments of our broken imaginations
Weave dreams of gently falling flowers
Surrounding us
Whisking us away to the stars above
We are princesses of the night
Rulers of a silent kingdom
But with one attack
From a carriage unknown
Our kingdom is gone in an instant
She is left to mourn on her own
As I sit next to her
Unbeknownst to her jaded eyes
Invisible under the moonlight

Anoushka Panganamamula is a 12th grade student from Hilliard, Ohio, who is interested in creative writing, piano, violin, biology, and astronomy. She also enjoys volunteering, cooking, traveling, mystery movies and books, and meeting new people.

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