Are only a flip book with missing pages.
These rare moments appear one by one
In just a few milliseconds
With no space left to record my emotions.

At least I know I’m not a skeleton.
I’m not a pile of walking bones,
Wandering on Earth mindlessly with no sense of direction or purpose.
I’m no human either.
I’m just a zombie -
Cold and emotionless,
A bit dead on the inside -
But I know,
I know for sure that somewhere buried deep, a strand of humanity still resides in me.

A hidden strand
That stayed dormant for most of my past life
Silenced, muted,
And eternally forgotten.
Climbing out of the grave,
I pray that one day
It will emerge like lava oozing out of the volcano
And I can finally be heard.

Nanyee Lin is a 17-year-old living in Taipei, Taiwan. She enjoys listening to different types of music and sometimes plays them with her guitar. She is also a huge "Potterhead" and has memorized every Harry Potter spell by heart.

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