What Silence Is and Is Not

Artwork by: Misa Yo

People simply disregard –
Languidly lying on the couch,
Witlessly grabbing the remote control,
Staring at the screen of a heartless TV
That is depicting scenes of blood and thunder.
“Not my business,”
They truly believe
As they feign that they care
And remain on that same couch.
I call this: inaction.

People hide their emotions –
Presenting a façade of everlasting optimism
On their indistinct faces.
Deep within their consciousness,
Are buried emotions that cannot be evoked:
Anger. Fear. Sadness. Contempt. Shock. Guilt.
The list continues without an end
Since emotions are eternal in a living man,
And yet are still vulnerable to be fully articulated.
I call this: concealment.

Inaction and concealment,
Two words repeatedly utilized
As the synonyms for silence.
An art that requires mastery,
A state of mind where one deeply contemplates
What he or she could have done in the past,
Or what he or she can do in the future,
And simply self-reflect,
As the world progresses
Towards harmony.
This is what I call: silence.

Po-Ting (Duke) Lin is a high school junior from Taipei, Taiwan who studies at the bilingual side of Taipei Fuhsing Private School. As a student who comprehends both Mandarin and English, Duke yearns to show his Taiwanese identity through the medium of English. Besides literature, he never stops pursuing his dream of becoming a medical biologist in the future.

Misa Yo is a 16-year-old student who lives in Taipei, Taiwan. As an artist, Misa enjoys the process of experimenting with different mediums in her artwork. She enjoys riding her electric unicycle, Ninebot One, during her free time.

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