The Sweetest Thing in the World

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In this ongoing collaborative series, young writers around the world revisit stories important to their childhoods. Like many of the tales that shape our lives, these pieces flow into each other, creating a narrative that links contributors across continents and cultures. Remember to come back to KidSpirit for the next installment, and don’t miss the accompanying videos that bring these young voices to life.

Long ago in a small Arabian village, there lived a young prince who wanted to understand the beliefs and grievances of his people in order to become a better ruler.

One evening he overheard three sisters having an argument in the marketplace.

The oldest sister said, “Wine is the sweetest thing ever. Taverns are filled with the happiest people in the world!”

The middle sister sneered and replied, “Nonsense! Love is the sweetest thing in the world! Think about how happy mother and father are!”

Then the youngest sister spoke up. “While love and wine may be sweet, nothing can compare to the sweet taste of a lie.”

The older sisters ridiculed her and walked away, but the prince was puzzled.

He approached her and asked, “Young girl, why do you think lies are the sweetest thing ever?”

She replied coolly, “Everyone lies. Even you will lie one day.”

“That can’t be true!” the prince exclaimed.

The young girl responded, “Allow me to live alone in your palace for three days and I shall prove it to you.”

Eager for answers, the prince agreed and ordered everyone to leave the palace.

On the third day, the prince returned with two of his advisors. The main hall was filled with thick clouds of smoke. He found the young girl beside a large bonfire, quietly muttering under her breath.

Suddenly, she arose and announced, “Welcome to the house of God!”

The prince skeptically rolled his eyes.

She said, “If you don’t believe me, come see for yourself. Look into the fire and you will see God, but beware for he only reveals himself to men who have never sinned.”

The three men nervously approached the bonfire.

The two advisors stared into the fire, but couldn’t see anything at all. They did not want to admit this for fear of being labeled as sinners, so they both claimed to see God in the fire.

Upon hearing his advisors, the prince felt severely embarrassed and foolishly declared he too could see God.

The young girl giggled and said, “But God was never in the room to begin with. He is a spirit. How can one see a spirit?!”

The three men bowed their heads and sheepishly admitted they had lied.

She continued, “You see, to avoid the bitterness of reality, people instead hope to taste the sweetness of a lie!”

That day, the prince realized that lies could deceptively twist life, so that they look appealing to the lazy, but in reality only strengthen our defects.

Meanwhile, in another village far from the prince’s, the exciting promise of a new adventure was in the air.

Watch KidSpirit editor Jaden Flach read "The Sweetest Thing in the World"

Ameena Naqvi is in the 10th grade at Arbour Lake School in Calgary, Canada. Her hobbies include drawing, playing the flute, and reading. She has a passion for music and writing.