No Doubt

Strength and InfluencePoetry
Artwork by: Krupa Joshi, age 16

Photograph by Krupa Joshi, age 16

I see the strength of nature everywhere,
Whenever I enjoy breathing fresh air,
Each time when I meet people for whom I care
Sometimes those meetings can be rare…

My body’s physical strength I daily use,
Unfortunately, some of my energy I lose,
But after laughing it renews
And sometimes when I drink some juice.

I wonder - what’s the strength of that machine?
No doubt, most of us look at the screen,
Including me, an average teen,
You know exactly what I mean!

The influences on our life are vital,
So think before you get your title.
I know it from the Bible
We shouldn’t cause each other trouble!

Anastasia Korobka is in the ninth grade and lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. She lives with her parents and enjoys reading, especially novels and crime thrillers. She also adores writing poems, painting, swimming, drawing, and doing crafts. When she has free time, her friends and I play volleyball or go to the gym. She is fond of taking pictures from different angles, having picnics, and spending time with her friends.

Krupa Joshi is a 16-year-old artist from India.

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