Role Model

Strength and InfluencePoetry
Artwork by: Krupa Joshi, age 16

Photograph by Krupa Joshi, age 16

Tell me not where I should go
But instead when I came from above.
Build up my internal power,
Not the facade you claim to love.
Put my pieces back in place,
Don’t demolish my resolve.
Place your hands above my heart,
And till death do us apart.

Learn to give a helping hand,
Show your values to your fans.
Stop criticizing on demand,
Give respect to those who can’t.
It’s not right to point your hand,
Have some decency to think.
Illuminate the place you stand,
Never wait for the command.

Keesha Joseph is in the twelfth grade at Quisqueya Christian School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She loves reading and writing both stories and poetry, and considers music as her second life. Keesha also plays volleyball with an amazing team and loves watching anime whenever she gets the chance.

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