She Spoke

Strength and InfluencePoetry

The wind spoke to me,
blowing through my head
and floating with my thoughts.
She said —

Run like I do,
be free.
Read what you want
and write when you can.
The trees, they dance for you.
Blades of grass on the lawn
wave to you as you walk by.
They hope you’re safe and okay.
So do I.
I blow away
and dry your tears
but I can’t always do so.
I will follow you wherever you are
and wherever you go.
If you are outside,
I will always comfort you.
I will keep you standing as I
brush your hair from your eyes.
You always seek comfort,
so know that I am here
until you flow with me.
Then we will heal together.

Andrea is a high school senior from Dallas, Texas. She’s been writing since she was in elementary school. Her favorite thing to do is sit on her porch and watch how the wind blows leaves in her mom’s garden.

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