The Strength of Humanity

Strength and InfluencePoetry
Artwork by: Misa Yo

The world's hit by a pandemic,
And everyone's locked down,
With people afraid of the disease,
And economies broken down.

With migrants stuck at workplaces
And finding nowhere to go
With philanthropists coming forward to donate
And others starting to follow.

With a few playing the blame game
And somewhere there is protest
With governments working to their fullest potential
And COVID warriors fighting their best.

With stress hitting people hard
Anxiety and depression
With virtual being the new real
And pandemic being the reason.

While we could have been more powerful
But a little lack of collectiveness
Is why we are under solitary confinement
And the world has become a mess.

With humans winning this war
And nature starting to heal
The break has become a good reason
For life's sustenance and zeal.

Let's vow today in unity
To forget the disparities
Let's stand today in solidarity
To empower the weak and minorities.

Let's come together now
And pledge to prepare better
With sustainability and combined strength
Save our planet, our mother.

Aditya Dinesh Naik is 17 years old and studies in the 12th grade. He loves reading books and playing badminton. He also enjoys playing an Indian percussion instrument called Tabla. Cycling with friends is one of his favorite activities.

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