The Fallen Paradise

The God IssuePoetry


Gather in the twilight dusk
A collection of trampled leaves and grass underfoot
The crisp scent of pine hanging in the air.

Follow the iridescent blue jay
Whose wings are a majestic cape
Of star-studded sapphire
Weaving through a canopy of green.


Discover the meadow of broken dreams
Where dreamers lay down their heads to rest
In a sea of shattered sea glass
That glints and cries in the moonlight
Forming an ocean of melancholy tears.
Beneath the roaring canvas of night
Imagination comes to die
Fading stars and hibiscus flowers
Chasing each other in the moonlight.


As the world around you shatters
Close your eyes
in an eternal slumber
With only the wind in the willows
To mend your broken heart.