The Waiting Room

The God IssuePoetry

The lightsome little toddler
across the waiting room
was fixated on
his lofty structure
composed of bold,
slightly used,
plastic building blocks.
He grabbed another piece
from the modest bin
in the corner that
lacked exciting gadgets
and gizmos
to keep an ingenious
young mind
Yet the child
was still able to see
the potential that lies
in those objects.

He grasped
the cherry red
2 by 4
lego brick
between his chubby fingers
as he secured it
at the top
of the sturdy,
growing tower
making sure
the raised bumps lined up
to comply with
lego building codes
known by children
that specify no space
between two blocks
should be visible
when snapping
them together
to avoid the risk
of the crashing end
to a technicolor

I briefly look up
to the doctor
who just entered the room,
scanning for a family
to present them good news
or bad.
But once I saw
his grave face
and heard
his formal tone
as he asked the family
to come with him
I instantly knew
what was to come.
I looked away
from the scene
finding comfort in
the lightsome little toddler
across the waiting room.

I am a 15-year-old sophomore who attends Natick High School. In addition to playing soccer year round, I enjoy traveling and spending time with friends and family.