Autumn Wonders

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Artwork by: Arina Stetsiuk

Artwork by Arina Stetsiuk

The leaves are falling and the sun isn’t shining
It starts raining and people are hiding.
But isn’t it wonderful to walk under rain?
I wish I could do it again and again!
Small children run out in rubber boots
How cute they look in their rainsuits!
But adults sit at home and wonder.
Maybe they are just afraid of thunder?
Don’t be so boring — take a walk
It’s exciting to just laugh and talk!
Enjoy any time of the year
And then your problems and troubles will simply disappear!
Winter, spring, summer, or autumn —
Each season is pretty much awesome!

Oryna Bielikova is a ninth grader at Kyiv Language School. She lives in a flat with her mum and her favorite dog, Monika. When she has free time, she draws, does sports, reads books, and walks with her friends. She also likes dancing. cooking, taking photos, and singing.

Arina Stetsiuk is a 12-year-old student from Kremenets, Ukraine, who lives with her parents, a dog, a cat, and her favorite blue parrot, Richy. Her house is next to the woods, so she enjoys the beauty of nature. Her little hometown, Kremenets, is located in the west of Ukraine and is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, which is why Arina loves drawing and painting whenever she has free time. Her hobbies also include crafts and drawing.

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