Children’s Television

The Media That Raised UsPoetry

Opens young eyes to the throes of life,
teaching values and ideals, to craft altruistic beings

Aware not of the challenges they are to face,
but of the colours of the rainbow, the ABCs

As that which has one day to be experienced
cannot truly be conveyed through color, sound

Frequencies crafted by the hand of the present
for the eyes of the future, in hopeful preparation

Instead memories are harbored
and altruistic beings, they have the chance to become

Abigail Webster is a 15 year old student in Melbourne, Australia. From a young age she has been a very outdoorsy person who enjoys being out in nature. In recent years, she has come to enjoy spending my time at home curled up with a good book, drawing, or watching YouTube. She likes to learn about other people and their interests, has many pets, and is interested in working with animals in the future.

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