The StrangerPoetry

Sculpture of pine cone ostrich by Raina Mazwiembiri

She’s an ostrich.
She has a long neck
so she can see behind big heads.

She has a long beak
so she can pick at her food when no one’s looking.
She has beady eyes
so she’ll never break her stare.
She has long legs
so she can outrun her predator.

Her heart is a closed system, contractile chamber.
She’ll ruffle her feathers when it gets too cold.
She spends the winter months alone.
She longs for the blue sky.

She’s got wings
but she can’t fly.

Casey “Anuhea” Robins is 17 and in the 12th grade. She lives in O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, and is extremely passionate about sustainability and conservation work. Her love for the land is evident in her writing and artwork. She also enjoys reading fiction, and swimming and surfing at the beach with her family and friends.

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